Our lovely suppliers

We are thoughtful about what we buy and who we buy from, favouring local businesses and independent firms over multi-nationals. We can’t always manage it, but do always try.

Clean and green

It can be hard to know where to get green products. After five years, we’ve pretty much nailed it!

Local heroes

Caithness Chocolates

When gin doesn’t help, chocolate does. Find Caithness Chocolates online or in MacKays in Thurso.

Coo’s Tail Gallery, Thurso

Barbara Cowan seeks out some of the Highlands most talented artists and has everything from coasters to paintings. We nearly bought the whole shop!

Reids Bakers, Thurso

We think Gary and Tracy’s team of star bakers deserve every award they’ve won – pick up more of their biscuits in MacKays in Thurso.

Not local, but still lovely

Edinburgh Tea and Coffee

We chose their Highland Blend tea partly because we love the flavour ourselves, and partly because it’s a little lighter in caffeine than their Scottish Breakfast. They’re a lovely firm and we hope you enjoy their tea.

Fou Furnishings, Cornwall

Cotton impacts the environment too. It’s never been so easy to sleep soundly with Fou Furnishing’s organic and fair trade linens and towels.

Ringtons, Yorkshire

A family firm in Yorkshire, their hot chocolate is some of the best we’ve tried and the individual boxes of single sachets help us keep you safe.

Taylors of Harrogate

We think their boxes of coffee bags are our best choice to support an independent business, fair trade farmers, and still provide a good cup of coffee in a way that’s safely wrapped.

Who Gives a Cr*p

It’s no surprise these guys are Australian, but we think it’s great that half their profits go to build toilets in developing countries. Plus they make us laugh. Disclosure, we both get a discount if you decide to buy some using this link.




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