Checking Out
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Checking Out

Before you check out

We have extended check out to 12:00 noon because we need you to do a few things before you leave. There is a printed checklist in the Cottage to remind you what to do.

Bedding, towels, t-towels

Please put the cotton bed-linen, towels and tea-towels into the red laundry bags provided. You will need at least one bag per room.  We will strip the mattress and pillow protectors.

High Touch surfaces

Please use the anti-septic wipes to clean down the high touch surfaces, such as door handles, light switches, taps, knobs, etc

The wooden boxes

Please put the Information Tablet, your TV remote, and all the DVDs and games back in the wooden boxes and leave the crates in the family room.

Recycling and rubbish

We’ve provided recycling bags to help you sort the rubbish, and you are welcome to take them with you.

Please put your sorted rubbish in the wheelie bins at the gate.  Rubbish has a high infection risk so the council refuses to take the recycling if it includes glass or other rubbish. We will deduct £25 from your deposit if we have to handle your rubbish and £50 if we have to sort your recycling. We really don’t want to do this!


Please take glass with you. The supermarkets all have bottle banks for clean glass, ie Lidl (on the A99 south), the Co-Op (on the road to Thurso) and Tesco (on the road to John o’Groats).

General Rubbish

Goes in the black bin at the gate – use bin bags to collect rubbish from all bins in these rooms in the house.

Kitchen waste – if applicable

Put it in the compost heap by the walled garden or put it in with your general rubbish.

Washing up

The virus is still viable if it’s left on unwashed glass for four days – please put all your used crockery, cutlery and cookware in the dishwasher and turn it on.

Please put your glass, crockery and cutlery through the dishwasher
Please put your glass, crockery and cutlery through the dishwasher

After you leave

We will check the cottage and bins after you leave on Friday so we can give you your recycling and laundry deposit back as quickly as possible. We will always discuss any problems with you before we deduct anything from your deposit.