Looking after your dog

Trixie at the Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage
Trixie exploring the Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage

We  want your dog’s holiday to be as relaxing as yours, so you’ll find an Adaptil plug-in in the dining room. We also provide a water bowl, poop bags, some doggie treats and a towel for cleaning off muddy paws. Remember to leave the plug-in, water bowl and towel behind!

When outside the cottage, please keep your dog on a lead
New places are distracting, our cat may be outside, our dog is probably in the yard, and the Cottage is near farmland, cliffs and open water. In the summer, we also have a lot of baby birds.

Book doggy day-care if you need to leave your dog alone
We are happy to recommend Emma at Taylor Made Pet Services.

Please don’t allow your your pet on the furniture
in the living room, or into the bedrooms at all. We recommend your dog sleeps in their own basket or bed in the dining room. We reserve the right to pass on the costs of excessive cleaning, including the costs of dealing with fleas or parasites.

We provide poop bags and a covered bin
for bagged mess. Please put the bagged mess in the green wheelie bin when you leave.

See our page What to do if things go wrong for details of how to contact our local vet.

Caithness is great for dogs!
most pubs and cafes will welcome your dog, and we’ve put together a map of some of our own dog’s favourite walks.

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