How to…
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How to…

… find the paper instruction guides

These are stored in the left hand drawer of the sideboard in the family room.

… set the heating

How to set the heating for the whole house (0:37)
How to set the heating in each room (0:26)

… use the kitchen appliances

Please see the videos below which provide instructions for using appliances:

How to use the Dishwasher (0:54)
How to use the Washing Machine (0:51)
How to use the Tumble Dryer (1:21)
How to use the Radio (1:31)

To be added: The Extractor Fan

Where to find cleaning equipment

We provide starter amounts of kitchen roll, loo roll, dishwasher and washing machine powder etc, but you may need to buy more for yourselves.

Cleaning equipment

Most of our cleaning equipment is in the cupboard under the sink

  • General purpose cleaner
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Disinfectant
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Kitchen roll
  • Bin bags

Washing machine powder

  • is in the tin above the washing machine

Dishwasher powder

  • is in the tin above the dishwasher


  • We will replace any defunct lightbulbs – Please phone or text Ben on 07771 702089

Vacuum, mop and bucket

  • These are in the cupboard next to the bathroom.


To be added: VIDEO: How to use the Shower and Extractor Fan