Top 5 things you need to know

1 – Fire exits and fire extinguisherFloor Plan of the Lighthouse Keeper-s Cottage - the Fire Extinguisher is in the Kitchen, the Fire Exits are the front door and the window in the Twin room

2 – The Wifi Password

Is NossHead

3 – Who to call if there’s a problem

Joy – her number’s 07733 443037 and she will do her best to put things right

4 – Help us recycle

Because handling other people’s rubbish is an infection risk, we have a £125 Recycling and Laundry Deposit, and we will deduct £25 if we have to handle your rubbish and £50 if we have to sort your recycling. We really don’t want to do this! There’s a leaflet by the bins to show you what to recycle.

5 – How to stay cosy

The heating controls are by the bathroom door; change the temperature or boost for an hour for instant warmth. The how-to videos on the tablet include a couple about the heating controls.